Creative Mornings with Dave Schlafman FEB 15, 2013

Design Museum Boston‘s Creative Mornings enabled Dave Schlafman (MassArt class of 2004) to present a view into his career and his creative thinking for anination using the latest technologies to bring meaningful stories alive to audiences of kids of all ages.

Dave is a three-time Emmy-nominated producer, an award-winning animation director, a children’s book illustrator, and Co-Creator and Executive Producer of PBS Kids’s Fizzy’s Lunch Lab. In 2009, Dave co-founded CloudKid, a transmedia studio dedicated to creating character-driven content for kids and families.

Rethinking Story: Creating Transmedia Worlds. Telling stories across a variety of media has never been so easy, but why do traditional story formats dominate narratives? How can we as storytellers create story content (and compelling characters) that leverages the best mediums that technology offers? Join Producer and show creator Dave Schlafman of CloudKid as he gives the highlights and lowlights of creating rich transmedia content.

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